Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jesus cover me in your love and warm me by the fire of your heart.

Sunshine.  Hot coffee.  Warm bucket shower.  Mio.  Hugs.  Family.  Cat therapy.  The prayers of friends.  Open doors and windows when it comes to the next steps to take in our marriage.  All these things warm me, give me hope, soothe my soul, strengthen my thankfulness and just awe me.  He has been by me the whole way, every step, never failing to lift me, love me, protect me, provide for me, comfort me, BE with me.

Jesus, my love, how I have feared!

And, yet, You do not fail me.

In my miserableness I turn to you through all the little tokens of love you provide that should show me your Presence, and they do, but fear and anxiety blind.  And, yet, I turn to You.  Help me.  Protect me.  Never permit me to be separated from You.

And You have heard and answered each time.  Each time.

I want to love You with all the love and trust You deserve.  Without reservation.  What will be will be.  It will be in Your hands and You will protect me from all harm and draw forth goodness from it all.

Help me grow in my love for You.

Help me grow in my Love for You.

Help me grow in love with You.

Jesus, my love.  Thank you for it all.  Everything.  The bitterness.  The agony.  The glory and the resurrection.

Bless me.  Protect me.  Heal me.  Call me forward to be the woman you have created me to be.

And let my light shine, my salt taste.  My heart overflow - always - with love and gratitude.



  1. This is so beautiful Lisa.Love your blog!

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